Using the Pilates method, we can achieve, lengthened, strong muscles throughout your entire body using low impact precise controlled movements.

Body Core Pilates is a complete online programme that gives you scheduled weekly mat Pilates workouts and access to an ever-growing library of workouts, designed to give you a physical and mental positive change.

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The beauty of Pilates is that it is for anyone, any age and shape. Classes will cover strengthening, lengthening, flexibility, balance, mobility, and posture with a mind body focus.

As your instructor, my goal is to challenge, motivate and support you so you leave my classes feeling heathier, happier, stronger, and determined to keep investing this time in yourself.

Each week 5 classes will be scheduled, plus one stretch class. All classes offer modifications and advance level options to suit all abilities.

You can do all the classes without using any equipment, but if you'd like to purchase some to support the classes, these are my recommended products to use.

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Your membership includes:

● Unlimited access to an ever growing library of classes

● Beginner, intermediate and advance level options

● New exclusive classes published weekly

● Minimal equipment & completely optional use

● Weekly live classes coming soon

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Class types

Classes cover strengthening, lengthening, flexibility, balance, mobility, and posture with a mind body focus.

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Signature Full Body Flow

This class is designed to lengthen, align, tone, and sculpt. The class seamlessly flows to connect exercises together with lots of feel-good stretches in-between giving you a full balanced complete body workout.

Focus Class

With one or two main focuses. Weather that be a particular muscles group, target exercise or a particular class mood. These classes help improve posture, alignment, and core strength.

Sculpt Class

These classes are short, effective, and intense. They target one or two muscle groups at a time and work the targeted area to really feel the burn. A quick and intense workout usually under 20 minutes that get the endorphins flowing.

Calming Class

The calm classes are all about connecting to your body, mind & breath. These classes help create space in the body, relieve back & muscle pain, stress, tension and anxiety. Allowing yourself to really tune into your body and disconnect from the world allowing you to feel a true sense of calm.

Optional Equipment

Some small Pilates equipment are used in some classes and are completely optional. You can do all the classes without using any equipment or if you have any of the above or are looking to purchase some, then the above are always a good option to add an additional burn, all available on amazon.

Below I've included some links to my favourite equipment if you'd like to invest to support your practise

Resistance Loop Bands Pilates Ball Pilates Ring Hand / Wrist Weights - 1lb Bala weights - 1lb Bala bars - 31lb