“I want everyone to feel their best self.”

Hi and Welcome to Body Core, my passion and baby! I feel so passionate about what I do, and I love to teach and to make people feel great about themselves. I don’t have a dancing or gymnastics background, I have to work hard on my flexibility and strength like most of us.

I took my Pilates training after going through 6 months of chemotherapy. I realise for the past three years before chemotherapy I had fully immersed myself into motherhood and loved every minute of it but soon realised I hadn’t really been looking after myself. We all want to look after the people we love, but we can only do that if we looking after ourselves. After 6 months of chemo, I enrolled for my teacher training and honestly have never looked back.

I want everyone to feel their best self and its defiantly a process we all go through but if I can help with a part of that, then I am doing exactly what I set out to do.

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